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Tax consultancy

In our lives, we have to pay for the experience we gain. It just depends how much.

You can experience everything for yourself, and sometimes pay a lot in the process. Or you could buy in our experience for a fraction of money – and still be the beneficiary.

We speak the language of money and the language of tax law. If there are any advantages for you and your business activities, we will find them.

… money talks – we translate…

Minimizing the tax burden – Tax consultancy

  • General tax advice to SMEs, freelance workers and private individuals
  • Start-up consultancy, including advice on the choice of legal form
  • Advice on restructuring
  • Representation in dealings with tax authorities, audits, and fiscal penal proceedings
  • Advice on international tax configuration
  • Continuous information on tax treaty changes

Optimizing the costs and benefits of social security

  • Advice on social security and labour law
  • Representation in relation to official audits of contributions and deductions (by tax offices, regional health insurance agencies, local authorities)
  • Advice on framing different types of employment contracts: employment agreement, contract for work, freelance worker contract

Minimizing your costs – Business Management consultancy

  • Advice on finance and debt restructuring
  • Preparation of business plans, budgets, cash planning, tax and distribution planning, investment planning and budgeting
  • Advice on organizing your accounting system

Minimizing your risks – legal advice

  • Business Law
  • Company Law
  • Trade Law
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Contract Law

In these areas, we are able to give you comprehensive advice. Where necessary, we will of course liaise with our lawyers and notaries.

Initial consultation

Convince yourself of the quality of our work – make an appointment for a initial consultation.
We are happy to offer an initial consultation for a fee of EUR 240,00 including VAT. 20% sales tax (duration up to one hour)