Our Services

Business Management Consultancy

Do you know the return on equity (RoI) for your company? And what about the gross mark-ups on your products? Have you prepared your financial plan for the coming year?

Do you enjoy answering these questions yourself? If not, let us take care of it!

In order to effectively manage a company with a long-term perspective, you need to know this company very well. As a neutral observer, we could help you to analyse the business and financial ratios and assist you in putting together the future business concept.

Our services:

  • Business valuation and company analysis
  • Implementing cost accounting, including break-even analysis
  • Compiling a budget and entering it on your accounting system
  • Regular target/actual comparison
  • Compiling of financial plans covering several years
  • Reconciliation of financial plans in planned budgets
  • Preparing comparative investment calculations
  • Advice on implementing an internal control system
  • Calculating key performance indicators
  • Advice on indebtedness and the Austrian Company Reorganization Act
  • Developing restructuring concepts
  • Preparing forecasts for the future development and existence of a company

Arrange a meeting with our professionals, and you will see that the economic analysis of your business brings you competitive advantages and is generally less expensive than expected – that’s certainly been our experience.