Our Services

Entrepreneur consultancy

You do not yet run your own business, but you have a brilliant business idea – we will accompany you in establishing your business and implementing your vision.

We analyze the possibilities, opportunities, and risks of your business idea and assist you in all administrative procedures and other bureaucratic hurdles. Of course, we and our employees are subject to absolute confidentiality!

Even the most comprehensive planning for starting up your business might not protect you against possible bankruptcy. However, we can show you the possibilities, alternatives and limits – starting with the choice of legal form and its impact on your personal risk and your situation regarding social insurance and tax.

Our consultancy services:

  • Discussing your business idea – and the best way to implement it
  • Explaining the different types of legal form (including tax, social insurance and legal consequences)
  • Information about possible governmental grants (NEUFOG grants for start-ups, EU funding grants, chambers of commerce grants, state grants, etc.)
  • Compiling business plans covering a number of years, on the basis of which we can prepare further financial plans and budgets
  • Assistance with bank negotiations and advice on the optimal financing plan

Initial Consultation

Convince yourself of the quality of our work and arrange an appointment for an initial consultation. We are happy to offer an initial consultation for a fee of EUR 240.00 including 20% VAT (duration up to one hour).